A Place to film a Video for your song

Online presence is paramount in the creation of a successful band.  Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, all these social networking apps are so important in getting yourself known.

Video Room Hire

I offer Video Room Hire for bands or musicians who want to record some online vids.  This is an affordable way by doing this yourself.  There are some awesome YouTube videos out there that have been made purely by an iPhone!  This is very easy to do and if you’ve recorded a song at The Mayfair Studio, you can take your gear into the Video Room and mime to your already recorded track whist recording.  Once that’s done just take away your footage and sync it to the song.  You can do this with free PC and Mac applications.  Easy.

Why not get some friends to come in with their smart phones and record footage at different angles.  This can give a pro look to any video.

Feel free to bring any props or instruments too.

Room hire is £10 per hour.

If you or your band have a music video they’d like to record, please contact me.