Record your Singles, EP’s, Demo’s and Album’s

If you or your band have songs written and rehearsed and want to get your work recorded then I can help you do this.  Whether it’s a single, EP, Demo or Album, I have the everything you need to do this.  I like to make this a fun, relaxing process and as stress free as possible.  You are welcome to bring in cameras to take pictures or videos of you recording.  A good idea for those with websites.

Single / EP / Demo / Album

This is how it all works:

Before the recording session (the ‘details’ bit):

  • If you feel you’re ready for recording, give me a call or fill in the form on the right and I’ll get back to you.
  • We’ll discuss what you’re looking for – One song recording, a few tracks as an EP, a 3 or 4 track demo, or full album.
  • You tell me about your band.  What genre?  Who are your influences and favourite bands.  How many of you are there?  How many guitarists?  Any keyboards or other instruments?   Is the drummer a righty or a lefty? etc.
  • You decide if you want to do a live multitrack recording (everyone records in one room together and add overdubs after if needed) or record everything individually (drums will be recorded in the live room to the guitars and bass, everyone with headphones.  You can record and layer all instruments on top).
  • Let me know if you want to bring in your own gear.  Amps, drum kit, etc.  Please note that this does not effect the price.  It’s purely a time saving thing.  You’re welcome to use all the gear listed on my equipment page.  This is all included in the price.
  • I’ll let you know on average, how many hours I reckon it would take to do.  Please be aware that this can vary from musician to musician and is only a rough quote but you can also let me how much you were looking to spend and i’ll let you know what you could do with that.

At the recording session (the fun bit):

  • You’ll arrive at the studio and bring in any gear you have with you that you want to use, meanwhile i’ll make you a cuppa.
  • Get all the amps and drums setup to how you like.
  • I’ll setup the microphones in the place to get the best sound on each instrument.
  • I’ll then get you all to play a bit so I can check the levels into the desk and get a good drum sound.
  • We’ll then make sure (if you’re using headphones) that everyone can hear themselves and each other.
  • You tell me if you need more or less of anything.
  • Then we’ll make a start with tracking the first song.  If this is to be a full multitrack recording the drummer, guitarist and bass player will all be in the live room with headphones on.  This is to get the drum tracks recorded first.  The bass and guitar will be purely as guide tracks for the drummer to play to.  Please don’t worry about how many times you’d like to do a take.  I like the whole process to be as relaxed as possible, so theres no pressure.  I normally suggest at least 3 takes of each song.
  • Once we’ve got a good drum take we’ll do the same for any other songs (if any) that you want to record.
  • We then start building the songs by recording the individual instruments to the track.  This is where the fun really starts to happen as you begin to hear your song grow.  We usually start with the guitars or keys.  Vocals are done after guitars and bass.  I like to add any guitar solos and licks after the vocals are recorded.  I find that this way you can hear where any extra bits need to be added as you don’t want to solo to much over a vocal part.
  • If you have any suggestions for recording specific instruments, I’m open to trying stuff out.  Adding sound effects or random instrument hits or anything unusual is also welcome.
  • I’ll do a mix of your song or songs and burn them onto CD, or your own USB stick if you have one.
  • We sort out payment.  Most people choose to cash.  I can also accept direct bank transfer if done whilst in the studio.
  • Once you’ve listened to the tracks the following day, if you feel there’s anything in the mix that needs adjusting, please give me a call and we can arrange for you to come back in so I can make the changes.  You get one mix free with each recording session.  You also get one mix adjustment session free.  Any additional recording and mixing time will be charged at the usual £35 per hour.

Please read my booking and cancellation policy before committing to any booking with me. It’s purely so I don’t turn away bands unnecessarily as I can only have one in at a time.